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The same as it means everywhere else.

Consecutive means in-a-row. If a rider wins the same race two times in a row, with no one inbetween, then he has two consecutive wins.

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Winning 3 races In a row for multiplayer

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Q: What does consecutive mean in bike race?
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What does CBR mean on Honda motorcycles?

City Bike Race

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When was BC Bike Race created?

BC Bike Race was created in 2007.

How do you get ultra bike on bike race?

You buy it

How to unlock all bikes in bike race?

When you complete the following tasks the corresponding bike will become available. Acrobatic Bike: Race 100% wheelie and get 3 stars; do 2 front flips and get 3 stars; do 4 black flips and get 3 stars. Bronze Bike: Collect 24 stars in the Desert, Arctic, Dunes; win 3 consecutive races. Ghost Bike: Play with 20 Facebook friends. Girl Bike: Collect 12 stars; do a backflip and get 3 stars. Gold Bike: Earn 24 stars each in Desert 2 and Arctic 2; win 12 consecutive races; win 5,000 games in Multiplayer; defeat a Silver Bike in Multiplayer. High Tech Bike: Create a game with a Facebook friend, with a random user, via SMS, and via email. Hog Bike: Beat a Police Bike, a Ninja Bike, a Ghost Bike, and a Super Bike in Multiplayer. Ninja Bike: Win 250 Multiplayer games. Police Bike: Play with 5 Facebook friends. Retro Bike: Win 5 games on Multiplayer; Like the Bike Race page; Like the Top Free Games page. Silver Bike: Collect 24 stars each on Hills, Beach, and Savana; win 7 consecutive races; defeat a Bronze Bike in Multiplayer.Ggg

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To unlock ninja bike, you must win a total of 250 multi player games or buy it for $2.99.

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BC Bike Race happened on 2012-07-07.

How do you unlock the gold bike in bike race?


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What is a good bike to use in a time trial road race?

A good bike to use in a time trial road race would have to be a time trial bike. It is a racing bike that is designed for use in a individual race. They do have racing bikes also.

How are all-terrain bikes and race bikes different?

Don't really know what you mean by all-terrain. A race bike is basically any bike that's considered good enough to be used in competitions - regardless of what kind of bike it is, MTB XC, MTB AM, MTB DH or whatever.