What does completed pass mean?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Cause something -in this case, a Basketball or Netball- to move or lie in a specified direction or position.

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Receiver has control of the ball and is inbounds.

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Q: What does completed pass mean?
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What is another name for an Alpine Pass?

I have completed the 'spiralgram' competition and try 'col' for the answer for Alpine pass.

What team was Brett Favre on when he completed his first pass?

Green Bay PackersBrett Favre won Super Bowl 31 with the Packers.

What is the longest pass Peyton has completed in the NFL?

86 feet

What was the distance of the longest pass in super bowl XLVI?

The longest completed pass was 38 yards by the Giants

Does a completed pass for an extra point count in the QB's statistics?


When there is pass interference does that count as a completed pass?

yes as long as it gets caught. you can throw a pass that is a loss of 30, it's still a completed pass.

Who has the Pittsburgh Steelers longest touchdown pass?

Terry Bradshaw completed a 90 yard pass to Mark Malone in 1981.

Bradshaw last completed Super Bowl pass completion?

john stallworth

What is the longest pass ever completed by Tom Brady?

91 yards in 2001

Phil Simms last completed pass in Super Bowl XXI?

Lionel Manuel

What does most recently completed degree program mean?

It means the last degree program you completed. If you completed only one then you indicate that one. If you completed two, then give the last one you completed.

Who holds the NFL record for most consecutive games catching a completed pass?

Jerry Rice