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first of all Cheerleading is one word, and coed means a team with girls and boys on it, a smoed team is a smaller coed team with fewer people

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Q: What does coed mean in cheer leading?
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How to backspot a coed stunt?

You can backspot a coed stunt using cheer stunts.

How much do you need to wiegh to be a cheerleader?

it depends on what cheer-leading group you are cheer-leading for. some cheer-leading groups it does not matter. But some do.

Different roles in cheer leading?

There are at least three different roles in cheer leading including coaching. Another role in cheer leading is being the head cheerleader who calls out the cheer.

Where can you get the cheer uniforms from Bring it on?

you can get it at cheer leading web site they have cheer uniforms their.

What is the predicate in the sentence My sister is the captain of the cheer-leading squad?

is the captain of the cheer- leading squad

How many people are allowed on a coed professional cheer squad?

Anywhere between 5-20

What game does cheer leading cheer for?

football, basketball, sometimes baseball

Can you get a cheer leading scholarship?


Who are elites?

They are a cheer leading group

Where can you do cheer leading?

high school cheer squads middle school squads commpetitive cheer squads

Should you do cheer leading or cross country?

Cheer leading trust me. It's way more fun I had the same problem and cheer leading is the best choice. And I got in better shape and lost more weight believe it or not

Who made the first cheer squad?

Their was no first cheer leading team at first, cheer leading was created by a college male. He got in front of everybody and started cheering by himself 4 his team. And then people stared to join the team, and that is how the made the first cheer leading team.

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