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This simply means that a team has enough points to ensure that it will make the playoffs and no matter what happens in terms of wins/losses by itself or teams behind it, no team with a lesser amount of points not in a playoff position, can catch them.

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it means that the team that clinches the spot is guaranteed to play in the playoffs. not decided which place yet it can be 1 or 8.

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It means that they are automatically going in the playoffs because their top of all standings in their conference.

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Q: What does clinched playoff berth mean in nba?
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What is the meaning of clinched southeast division berth in nba?

It Means the teamwill finish with the best record in the southeast division

How do you get into the NBA playoffs?

To qualify for the playoffs in the NBA you have to finish as one of the top eight teams in your conference. Winning your division doesn't necessarily get you a playoff berth, as another team from a different division could potentially win more games during the regular season and have the advantage over you record-wise in securing the final playoff spot.

Is there a playoff mode in NBA live 10?

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When is the NBA playoff?

Around Mid- April.

What NBA teams have never won a NBA playoff game?

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When are NBA playoff teams decided?

end of season

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How many wins is required for an nba team to qualify for the playoff games?

36 wins are needed to be in playoff.

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