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The number of caps a player has, represents how many times they have played for their country internationaly.

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Q: What does caps mean in football?
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What does football caps mean?

You get a cap when you play for your National team. David Beckham got 100 caps because he played 100 games for England.

Who has the most caps in football history?


Who has most northern Ireland football caps?

Pat Jennings with 119 caps

How has American football helmets eveolved since the beginnings of American football?

Well in the begining there was no helmet then it evolved into leather caps then into plastc caps then facemasks then chinstraps

Who has won the most consecutive international caps in football?

Kevin Kilbane, 62 consequtive caps for Ireland?

What football player has the highest number of international caps?

Ahmad Hassan of Egypt with around 184 caps

Most Scotland football caps and still playing?


Who has won the most football caps for spain?

Casillas I think

Who had the most football caps for Scotland?

Kenny Dalglish (102)

When did football players start wearing baseball caps?


Football how many international caps has john terry won?


Who has the most scottish caps in football?

Calum MacDonald has a total of 122

What does 'fudge caps' mean?

Fudge caps mean you are eating chocolate that is high in sugar. A high sugary snack.

Most intenational football caps for men?

Claudio Suarez i think is 144.

Nflrz codes 4 2006 2007 football cards?

caps rzmvm

What games do children play in Uruguay?

They play with beer caps, stones, or football.

Who has won the most international football caps for Wales?

For wales it has to be Ryan giggs.

What does caps mean is soccer?

"Caps" is the number of International Matches a player has played in for their country.

Who is the most capped international football player who has played football in the English premier league?

For England it is Peter Shilton with 126 caps.

What does mutually defined mean?

You can input for caps

How do you spell caps?

The word is spelled caps, just as you spelled it, if you mean hats. If you want the word for which "caps" is the abbreviation, it is capitals as in capital letters.

What is Value of Complete set Gatorade Football caps?

Priceless. I have them that I collected and I would not part with them.

Who is the british football player with the most international caps?

Peter Shilton has the most caps for England (125 or 126) although I suspect it may be an Irish player. Definately Peter Shilton 126 caps for England

Who has had the most French football caps?

Lilian Thuram with 142 caps between 94 and 08 scoring 2 goals

Who has been capped the most times for the England football team?

Peter Shilton with 146 caps.

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