What does but into flames mean?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: What does but into flames mean?
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What does flames mean in Japanese?

If you are looking for the Japanese word for flames it is Honoo or Kouen

What did Calgary flames join NHL?

If you mean "When did the Calgary Flames join the NHL?" then they joined in 1980

What does incendiary mean?

Something that starts flames and fire.

What does The flames mocked the rescue workers mean in personification?

The flames are not actually mocking the rescue workers - the flames are inhuman and can't mock anything. They are merely personified to be mocking them, meaning that the flames made it harder for the rescue workers to do their work, and the workers felt disheartened and upset, as if the flames had been mocking them.

What is mean by phlogiston?

An imaginary substance that flames were supposed to be made of.

What does inflameable mean?

It means to literally burst into or be entirely consumed by flames; fire, an inferno! To be inflamed is to be engulfed in flames.

What does a blue flame mean in a gas fireplace?

Blue flames can be an indicator of temperature, because blue flames burn hotter than yellow flames, or it could be a chemical that burns blue. Something else that could create blue flames in a gas fireplace is if the air-to-gas mixture ratio is off, more air means bluer flames.

What does flaming mean in email?

Flames are derogatory statements made usually in message boards (for the public to see). Flames in emails are only seen by the recipient(s).

Why did the Calgary Flames do the C with flames for their logo?

Because C for Calgary and flames for flames

Can people make flames out of there hands?

If by people you mean FIREBENDERS, than yes =]

What do blue flames mean on a fireplace?

Complete combustion, and the highest heat output.

What is the meaning of flames in a tattoo?

It could mean a lot of things depending on the person.