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Break point is a point played which, if won by the returner of service, gives the returner the game.

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Q: What does break point mean in tennis?
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What is break point in tennis?

Break point is when the oppenent is on the verge of breaking your serve. If he wins your break point on your serve. He has broken you.

What is double break point in tennis?


What is a breakpoint conversion?

A break point conversion occurs in tennis. If a player has a chance to win the game when playing the next point and does so, he converts his break point.

What is it called when the receiving team has the advantage in tennis?

If at any point in the game where the receiving team has a break point (or Advantage in Ad-Scoring after a deuce), then it is called a break point.

In tennis what is the Difference between service break and breakpoint?

A service break means that a player has won a game when his or her opponent was serving. A break point is a point when the server is behind and will lose the game if he or she loses that point.

What is a breakpoint in tennis?

A break in tennis is when the server loses the game to the receiver. A breakpoint is the point of the game which, if the receiver wins the point, will result in the receiver winning the game. Such as if the score was 30-40. The next point would be considered a break point because if the receiver wins the point the receiver will win the game.

What is a double break point?

In tennis, when the player serving is losing by a score of 15-40, this is considered "double break point" as his opponent has two opportunities to win the game or "break" his service.

In tennis what does it mean to be down a break?

It means you have lost your service game

What does the term match point mean in tennis?

It means if you win that point you win the match.

Can you play tie break on the last set?

If you mean tennis, yes you can as it is in the rules that no game( and therefore no set or match) can be won by a single point. There must always be a 2 point advantage to win a game

What does LET mean in table tennis?

It means the point will be played again.

What is the advantage of break point in tennis?

The advantage of break point is where the server is down 30-40 in points, and the receiver has the chance to win the game (not the entire match, just the single game).

Do tennis balls break down?

Nope tennis balls don't break down.

What would 40 mean for tennis?

It means "Break Point" . When the receiver is one point away from winning a game , it's called "break point".First point of four has been won,as in15 30 40 gameOriginally based on quarter parts of clock and was15 30 45 gamebut 45 was changed to 40

When does a tie-break occur in a game of tennis?

At 6 all in a set, then you play a 7-point-tie break. Sometimes, you play a 10-point-tie break in the lieu of the third set... it depends. To improve on this answer I have played tennis for years so in a set you play a tie breaker in a 5 all set

What is freezing point and melting point of a tennis ball?

freezing and melting point of a tennis ball

What is a break in tennis?

a break is when the sever loses the game

What does three break points mean in tennis?

The score is 0 - 40, that is, the receiver needs one point to win (and "break" the serve), so he/she has three chances to score that point.If the server wins the next point, the score is 15 - 40, and the receiver has two break points, or two chances left.If the server wins again, the score is 30 - 40, and the receiver has one break point, that is, one chance to break service and win the game.

What does Fitfteen mean in tennis?

It's how the score is said. 1 point is said is 15

In tennis what does it mean to be two breaks down?

A "Break" in tennis refers to a loss of ones service game. to be two breaks down means that one has lost two service games, and has not had a break of the opponents serve.

Is bang a point in table tennis?

point is a point but point is a point

What do you call a point in tennis?

Just that...a point.

What is a double break point in tennis?

A double break point refers to a score of 15-40. Where the player NOT serving has TWO chances to win that game IF he converts one of those TWO chances. (Note: the score reflects 15 for player serving and 40 for the player NOT serving) A triple break point would be 0-40. A break point would be 30-40.

What are periods of play without a break in tennis called?

tie break

What is the final point in tennis called?

Match point