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it's kind of a stupid distinction because there is no way to prove any of this. Pound for pound lists are trying to rank boxers on the absolute value of their skill -- so if all the boxers were the same weight who would be the best.

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Q: What does best pound for pound boxer mean in boxing?
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What does lb for lb mean in boxing?

It refers to their weight lb for lb or pound for pound

What does corner mean in boxing?

Each boxer in a ring (which is really a square) has a 'corner' that he occupies in the intervals between rounds.

What is another name for practice boxing?

Shadow boxing is practising alone. Sparring is practising against another boxer (usually the trainer or assistant, or another boxer volunteering. One or both will wear head protection to avoid injury.

What do mean by pound for pound boxer?

pound for pound is a way of saying without the obvious weight differance, is this guy who's 140lbs a better fighter than this guy who's 240lbs, it's who would win hypothetically if weight didn't matter. so the best pound for pound fighter would be simply the best, even though he'd lose to someone because of size.

In boxing what does the 3 knock down rule mean?

A rule requiring that a boxer who is knocked down three times in the same round be declared knocked out

What goes Manny mean?

Manny Pacquao is a famous filipino boxer. And the best one there is.

What is a song about fighting?

I assume you mean martial arts, boxing, etc not actual wars. There are all kinds of songs dealing with War- pro and con All of the armed forces have theme songs, so to speak. Now with sportive combat the best example I can think of are the(Rocky) theme- about a Boxer. ( by the way the song- The Boxer is only peripherally about pugilism)- and also Kung-Fu Fighting. the last-named was more or less a novelty song taking advantage in popular interest in this Oriental Martial art. Kung Fu is also known as Shaolin temple Boxing- nothing to do with the Boxer rebellion of l900-0l!

What does the pink and purple for boxing day mean?

that boxing day is gay go america

What does rabbit punching mean?

Rabbit punching is when you hit the punching bag just enough to touch it.In boxing you need to extend your arm as far as possible and bring is back to your face to block,it sounds a bit easy but trust me,it's hard.I'm a boxer myself. Submitted by-Sharod Mantock Of The Mount Vernon Recreational Department-Boxing Club.

Who is the best Asian boxer?

Currently Manny Pacquiao but if you mean ever Bruce Lee. No jokes guy did push up with 2 fingers. He punched a man about 10 inches far away. He had ripped off body(that time steriods were rare) and long strong forearms. His kicks were so damaging that it would feel like you are hitten by a train(said crew member of his movies and Chuck Norris). He knew all kind of martial arts kungfu,karate,jitjishu,boxing,kick-boxing,judo everything. Man could go 999...-0 if he had fought for fighting platform like boxing and ufc.

What does GOAT mean in boxing?

Greatest Of All Time

What is the Japanese equivalent of kick boxing?

If you mean 'Do they do Kick Boxing in Japan' the answer would be yes. If you mean what is the martial art native to Japan the way kick boxing is native to Thailand, I would believe it is jujitsu, or perhaps aikido, or even aido.