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Q: What does bcs provincial motto translate to?
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What is Gangwon Provincial College's motto?

Gangwon Provincial College's motto is 'Truth, Creativity, Service'.

What is the motto of Gangwon Provincial College?

The motto of Gangwon Provincial College is '진리, 창조, 봉사'.

What is the motto of Gangwon Provincial University?

Gangwon Provincial University's motto is '진리, 창조, 봉사'.

What is Ontario Provincial Police's motto?

Ontario Provincial Police's motto is 'Safe Communities, A Secure Ontario'.

What is Provincial Reconstruction Team Meymaneh's motto?

Provincial Reconstruction Team Meymaneh's motto is 'One Team - One Mission'.

What is Jilin Provincial Experimental School's motto?

Jilin Provincial Experimental School's motto is '笃学 践行 求是 创新'.

What is Academy of Technology's motto?

The motto of Academy of Technology is ''Translate Your Vision Into Reality''.

What is the motto for Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan's provincial motto is Multis E Gentibus Vires, which is Latin for "From many peoples strength".

What is the provincial slogan of Yukon?

There is no official motto for the federal territory of Yukon.

What is the provincial motto of Ontario Canada?

The Ontario motto is on the bottom of the provincial Coat of Arms in Latin on the banner.“Ut incepit Fidelis sic permanet†means “Loyal she began, loyal she remains.â€

What is new brunswicks provincial motto?

New Brunswick's provincial motto is, "Spem Reduxit," which, translated from Latin to English, means, "Hope Restored." The flag of New Brunswick consists of 5 colors: White, Yellow, Blue, Black, and Red. It has a lion on the top, a sailboat in the middle, and water at the bottom. I was unable to confirm the origins or meanings of the images on the flag.

How would you translate the phrase honor and Passion into a Latin motto?

honos et fermentum