What does bcn mean on a easton bat?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Barrel (is made of) Carbon Nanotube

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Q: What does bcn mean on a easton bat?
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Is an easton rival bat a good bat?


Do you recommend a Easton Stealth or an Easton Synergy bat?

I would pick a easton sv12 because it has more pop

Which bat is better?

An easton is very good

What is the best bat ever?

Easton s1

Is the Easton SV12 bat legal?


How do you know when an easton stealth bat is broken in?

I dont know but my easton stealth bat makes a crackie noise every time i hit it on the grass or carpet

Which is a better softball bat an Easton Stealth Speed or a Demarini Cf4?

the better bat would definitely be the easton stealth. the demarini cf4 is a good bat too but if the bat is hit on the wrong part of the bat, the ball will not go like it does on the easton. the stealth has a massive sweet spot/barrel and also has a lot more pop than the demarini.

Which slow pitch bat is better the Easton Stealth or Easton Synergy Brett Helmer edition?

Easton Synergy. Much, much better.

How is a easton synergy softball bat made?


Which Baseball Bat Marucci Cat 5 31 26 or Easton XL1 31 26?

Easton Definatley!

Is the Easton Redline CXN BT360 Adult bat good?

Yes I have it it is a very good bat

What is the release date for easton mako baseball bat?