What does athlon mean?

Updated: 10/1/2022
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I want to either buy a computer from Dell or HP but HP computers operate AMD Athlon whereas Dell operate Intel can I know the differences?

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Q: What does athlon mean?
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What does the greek root athlon mean?


What does the word athlon mean?

'athlon' comes from Athens, the greek city in ancient times, known for sporting events.

What is the fastest AMD Athlon?

The fastest AMD Athlon processor is the AMD Athlon 64 FX-60, which was released in 2006. It has a clock speed of 2.6 GHz and is based on the 90nm Winchester core.

When was Athlon created?

Athlon was created in 1999.

What is an AMD Athlon?

The AMD Athlon is a line of 32-bit microprocessors manufactured by AMD between 199 and 2005. The "Athlon" brand name is continued in other 32-bit and 64-bit processors, such as the Athlon XP, Athlon 64, and Athlon 64 X2.

What do you mean by core in processor?

i know that it means 2 processors are linked together in one circuit ...BUT does that means that i have 1 processor of AMD Athlon II X2 + 1AMD processor Athlon II X2 OR Both linked together =1AMD processor Athlon II X2

What is 200 gigahertz AMD Athlon XP?

there is no 200 gigahertz Athlon sorry, could you be refering to a 2000 Athlon XP?

Who invented the Athlon?

The Athlon processor was first released in 1999. The Athlon K7 processor was designed by a team that was led by Dirk Meyer.

What is the CPU that uses socket A?

Some Cpu's that use Socket A are Athlon Xp, Athlon Mp, Athlon Model 4

What is the name of the 64- bit Microprocessor developed by AMD?


What company manufactures Athlon Processor?

AMD is the manufacturer of the Athlon processor.

If you want to buy a laptop with AMD should you choose Turion or Athlon?