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The officials:

Set up and measure out the course

Time the runners

Fire the starting gun

Make sure runners go the right way on the trails

Usher runners the right way after the race

In a chip-timed race: take off chips

Hold a coaches' meeting

In a numbered race: Hand out numbers, collect number stubs.

Most officials will just be course marshals, those who cheer on the runners and make sure they go the right way.

Hope this helped, and that I didn't forget anything!!

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Q: What does an event official do in a cross country competition?
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What year was the interim Olympics held?

cross country. The answer makes no sense to me, sorry. (cross country is an event, not a year). The answer is : 1906, and the official term for them is "Intercalate Games".

What is the Order of a three day Horse Event?

The order of events in a competition depends on the format and length of the competition. Generally speaking in a one-day horse trial, dressage comes first, followed by showjumping, and finally cross-country. Sometimes the showjumping and cross-country are switched. In a modern short-format three-day event, the first official part is the jog. This is followed by the dressage competition, then the cross-country, and finally showjump, before the awards ceremony. The old long-format event is similar, although, of course, with more elements. First there is the initial jog, then dressage, then roads & tracks, then steeplechase, followed by a longer roads and tracks phase, leading immediately into cross country. Finally, the showjumping phase, followed by the awards.

What are the types of races held at a cross-country competition?

At a middle school cross country meet there in one ( one girls race and one boys race) event that is from 1.9-2.3 miles (so right around 2 miles) At high school there is one event ( one girls race and one boys race) that is from 2.9-3.2 (so around 3 miles)

What is the Final event in a modern Pentathlon?

3,000m cross country run.

In a basketball competition event how high is the basketball rim?

In an official basketball competition event, like an approved NBA game, the rim is located 10 feet above the ground. The rim is attached to a backboard and the hoop is 18 inches in diameter.

Why are Mexicans good at cross country?

Because it is the number one sport in Mexico

What is the Olympic event in which you cross country ski and have to shoot an arrow?

That Olympic event is called the biathlon. Actually, in the Olympic biathlon, athletes cross-country ski and then shoot a rifle at a target. There is a variation of the biathlon called the archery biathlon where the athletes cross-country ski and then use a bow and arrow to shoot at a target, but although it is popular in certain countries (especially Canada and Russia), it is not an Olympic event.

What event in the Olympics has three events?

Triathalon Also Eventing which is an equestrian event which comprises dressage, cross-country and show jumping

Which country won the bronze medal in men's cross-country cycling at the Rio 2016 Olympics?

Spain was the winner of the bronze medal in the Men's Cross-Country Cycling event at the Rio 2016 Olympics.

What is a cross country team?

In high school a cross country team must have at least 5 members to compete and qualify as a team, but can have as many as 7. Because when scoring a cross country event the first 5 athletes will count and in an event of a tie the places of 6 or if the tie continues the place of 7 will determine the winner/ final score.

Which winter Olympics event burns the most calories?

The long-distance cross-country skiing.

What three things are included in the equestrian event in the Olympics?

cross country show jumping and dressage