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An assistant coach should talk early and often with the head coach to have a clear understanding of his expectations. An assistant coach should be a model to other players.

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Q: What does an assistant coach do?
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Who are the coaches of the Lakers for 2007-08?

# Phil Jackson - Head Coach # Frank Hamblen - Assistant Coach # Kurt Rambis - Assistant Coach # Brian Shaw - Assistant Coach # Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Assistant Coach # Craig Hodges - Assistant Coach # Jim Cleamons - Assistant Coach

What is the name given to the assistant of the coach in Judo?

The name is still coach or maybe assistant coach.

Who is listed first in a booklet head coach or assistant coach?

Head Coach is listed before assistant coach in a booklet.

Who are the coaches of the New Orleans hornets?

Byron Scott(head coach) KennyGattison(assistant coach) Charlie Parker(assistant coach) and Paul Pressey (assistant coach)

NFL assistant coach salary?

Each assistant coach for the NFL has a different salary. Most of the assistant coach's salary begin at $400,000.

Who is the coach for the Detroit Piston?

His name is John Kuester and he was an assistant coach on the 2004 championship team. After that he was the Cleveland Cavalier assistant coach.

Avreage salary of a Canadian football assistant coach?

average salary of assistant football canadian coach

Did bobby bowden coach at university of pittburgh?

No. Bobby Bowden has been never been an assistant nor head coach at Pittsburgh. He has been an assistant and head coach at Howard College (now known as Samford), an assistant and head coach at West Virginia, and an assistant and head coach at Florida State.

How much does an NFL assistant coach makes?

The Average for a NFL assistant coach is around 200,000 to 400,000 a year

How do you get assistant coach points in Madden?

you have to complete the assistant coach's goals to get the points so you can increase your players' stats

How many years was tom izzo an assistant at Michigan state?

He was an assistant coach at MSU from 1983-1995. After that, he become head coach.

What team was Byron Scott an assistant coach for?

The current Los Angeles Lakers coach was an assistant for two years with the Sacramento Kings.

Who is the coach for the Utah jazz?

Jerry Sloan, Phil Johnson is Assistant coach

How much does an NBA coach and assistant coach make?

Would like to know

Can an assistant coach in basketball request a timeout?


What does an assistant soccer coach regulate?

The team.

What does Patrick Ewing do now?

Assistant Coach

Where is the German football coach from?

The German coach at the world cup was a German, he was assistant coach to Jurgen Klinsman.

Where does pat Ewing head coach?

He's not a head coach, he's an assistant coach for the Orlando Magic.

Who is the basketball coach of the sacred heart university girls basketball team?

Coaches Ed Swanson - Head Coach Lauren Hall-Gregory - Assistant Coach Shannon Bush - Assistant Coach Lauren DeFalco - Assistant Coach

What are the salaries of NHL assistant coaches?

The average salary for an assistant coach in the NHL is $200,000 per year. The average salary for an assistant coach in the NFL is $350,000 to $400,000 per year.

What is soccer asst coach?

An Assistant coach in soccer is a coach, but they just help the main coach... Sometimes they just catch loose balls and stuff and sometimes they can take a group of players and work with them. So it varies by team, most club/competitive teams have a manager and head coach but no assistant coach- recreational teams usually have a head coach and 1-3 assistant coaches... Hope this helps :)

Who is the Chicago Bandits softball coach?

Head coach, Mickey Dean. Assistant Head coach, Mike Steuerwald.

Who is West Virginia universitys coach?

the head coach is Bill Stewart and tha assistant coach is Steve Dunlap.

Which former assistant coach left the Patriots to coach Notre Dame?

Charlie Weis