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152 dollars

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Q: What does an NFL uniform cost?
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Who has uniform changes in the upcoming NFL season?

No NFL team will have uniform changes for the 2008 season.

What is the C on an NFL uniform?


What is the dress code for the NFL Kickers?

a uniform

How much does 1 school uniform cost?

250/1 uniform

In cost accounting what is uniform costing?

a complete note on uniform costing

Which NFL team has tan beige and ecru on their uniform?


What is the average cost of a uniform bag?

Uniform bags cost different prices depending on which type of uniform bag is purchased. Also the price of a uniform changes depending on which part of the world you live in.

How much does a professional footballl uniform cost?

football uniforms like any uniform can cost very little to a whole lot. In the case of the NFL...they have a contract with Reebok so the unifroms are sold at cost or given to each team. However, if you were to purchase a complete uniform including pants, jersey, socks, and decoration.....could easily cost you over $250-$350 retail cost. if you have any uniform needs for any sport and want the best prices out xo sports (866.496.4327) or! Best prices and fast service. Team wholesale.

How much does a cheerleading uniform cost?

You usually spend over $100 on the uniform.

What is the uniform number of NFL Hall of Famer Anthony Munoz?


What NFL team has the most uniform changes?

am changes helits most

What was the Cost of a Phillies uniform in 1910?


Who makes the NFL uniform?

Reebok currently makes them, but the NFL picked Nike to make the uniforms in the 2011-2012 season.

What number uniform did the Vikings retire for NFL great Alan Page?


What number uniform did the Colts retire for NFL great Raymond Berry?


How much does a school uniform cost on average?

£200 :']

How much does an uniform cost?

Usually about 100-200$

How much does it cost to clean uniforms?

it depends what uniform

How much does a tennis uniform cost?

It really depends.

Why is NFL uniform tight?

The NFL uniform is designed to be tight and form fitting so opposing players have a difficult time grabbing ahold of it. This reduces the chances of a defenseman making a tackle by just grabbing an article of clothing.

What number uniform did San Diego retire for NFL great Dan Fouts?


What uniform number did the Chicago Bears retire for NFL great Walter Payton?


Who picks the uniform NFL teams will wear every week?

MVP from the week before

How much would it cost to be on a NFL professional football team?

It would cost nothing, you get payed to play in the NFL

Why do you have to wear school uniform and how much it coast?

you wouldn't have to wear the school uniform because they suck and they cost to much!!