What does an NFL agent do?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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It means that you would help the player sign contracts

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Q: What does an NFL agent do?
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Can a player be a free agent in the NFL at age 28?

A player can be a free agent at anytime in the NFL. When a players contract is up and the team he plays for does not sign him, he will become a free agent.

Do you need a agent to try for NFL?

No, but it is suggested.

Who is the oldest player in the NFL in 2011?

John Carney he is a free agent, but he is 47 years old and still active in the NFL only he is a free agent

What is the average signing bonus for a free agent rookie?

The average signing bonus for a free agent rookie in the NFL is $45,000. Recently the NFL capped free agent rookie signing bonuses at $75,000.

What is an NFL agent?

An NFL Agent represents an athlete in matters of contract negociation with the NFL team. They try to get the athlete the best deal possible. Many agents also market their athletes for commercials and endorsement deals.

How can you go to the NFL?

You can go to the NFL by being drafted from college, or being signed as a free agent.

How do you become a NFL free agent?

Big Balls

What do youi need to do to enter the NFL draft 2009?

Contact the NFL or tell your agent to call the NFL to let them know you are eligible.

Who is igor olshansky?

He is a defensive end free agent in the NFL.

Is Hope Bromley a free agent in the NFL?

She won acontest

Is juice Williams an NFL prospect?

7th round - free agent

What is PFA in NFL draft after round 7?

Probable Free Agent