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NBA doesn't have a practice squad

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Q: What does an NBA practice squad player make?
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How much does NBA practice squad pay?

Straight cash

How can you be NBA player?

PRACTICE practice practice PRACTICE

How do you make to the NBA?

You can make it to the NBA through practice. After that you try out and become drafted.

How many hours does a professional NBA player practice every day?

nba players practice about 1 second a day

What is the salary for NBA practice squad players?

Each NBA franchise has a different salary allotment that they use to pay employees. This pay will vary depending on the money that is available.

How long does a NBA player practice a day?

Well, it depends on the player. Most NBA players practice for almost 50% of the day. But some don't practice everyday, only on game-days. Again, it depends on the player, and how much he wants to improve his game.

How much does a NBA player make?

the average nba player make 25,000,000 for a 5 year contract

How much does an NBA player make?

Depends on your contract.

What does it take to be in the NBA?

To be an NBA player, you have to have the proper training. You should be popular enough to be recognized in your area or as big as your country. You should have the talent and skills of a tough and tall NBA player.skill , hardwork, and practice

How do you become a NBA basket ball player?

Well first off, new rule for the NBA is that you have to have at least one year of college education before going to the NBA. Second pretty self-explanatory: practice, the NBA dose not just let anyone get drafted. Some players don't make it to the NBA drafted, instead they may get put into the NBA Development League, the NBA D-League is a league where players that has potential, but need a little more work. Some make it out of the D-League like NBA player Jamario Moon. Bottom line it takes dedication and hard work to become a basketball player, and won't happen over night.

If a NBA D League player dose not make it to the NBA can they stay in development until the NBA picks them up?

Yes, they can.

Has there been a basketball player 4.6 feet tall?

No, The Shortest Player to Ever make it in NBA or College is Mugsy Bogues(NBA) 5'3!