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black jesus

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Q: What does amare stoudamire have tattooed on his neck?
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How tall is amare stoudamire?


Who is the roughest player in the NBA?

amare stoudamire

Does amare stoudamire have children?

Yes Amare Stoudemire has children, in fact two he has a little girl her name is Are (ARI) who is about 2 and a half years old going 3and a his son Amare Jr who is almost 2 years old.

Who is going to be the NBA mvp of 2010?

it is either Kevin durant, Dwayne wade, Lebitch James, Kobe, or amare stoudamire

What was the starting line up for the Phoenix Suns in 2008?

Steve Nash, Raja Bell, Grant Hill, Amare Stoudamire, Shaq.

What are three players on the Knicks basketball team?

Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamire*, JR Smith For more players check out the NBA website.

What tattoo does The Reverend have on his neck?

The Rev. has handcuffs tattooed on his neck.

Did amare stoudamire kill somebody?

people think he killed someone because of the tear drop tattoo but that also means if you have lost a loved one which he did, so he did NOT kill anyone

What does your name tattooed on your neck symbolize?


What rapper has a dollar sign tattooed on his neck?


What team does amare stoudamire play for now?

Phoenix Suns right now he's injured so he can't be traded or anything. I have a good feeling he will be going somewhere else next year.

What is the birth name of Damon Stoudamire?

Damon Stoudamire's birth name is Damon Lamon Stoudamire.