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Q: What does acc mean what does ACC mean in wire code on a radio?
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What is the acc wire color code on a 03 avalanche?

there is not one.

The radio resets every time the car is turned off?

sounds like the memory wire and acc wire are backwards

Mitsubishi Car radio display reads only Off How can I get it to read code It will not let me insatll the code which I have.?

I think you have to leave the key in ACC and the Radio on For about an Hour

What causes your BMW radio to go to code every time you start the car?

your radio has a loose connection on the memory or acc power source

Your mitsubiishi radio has off on it it needs to have code?

If you want code to pop up you either have to disconnect the battery or turn your key to acc with the radio on for one hour so "CODE" would pop up.

How do you enter the code on your radio after disconnecting and connecting the battery back on the 1993 XJ6?

Turn the key to acc to allow the radio to come on, wait for it to display CODE, and then enter your 4 didgit radio code. If you make a mistake, turn the key off and on, and try again. If you make 5 mistakes, turn the key on to acc, wait 1 hour, and it will reset.

Why do i have to reset radio stations each time i turn car off?

Your radio must be poorly installed in your car for you to reset your stations every time you turn your car off. A car radio ultimately rely on 3 wires for it to function properly. 12 volt wire- Gives Continuous Positive current to radio. Saves your settings, and Saves your stations when your car is off and on. Ground wire- Gives Negative current to radio. Work with the Positive current going to your radio coming from the 12 wire. Without this wire connected, your radio wont function at all. Accessory wire- Will only provide Positive current to radio when the car turn ON. This wire is used to make sure the radio will turn on with your car. The reason you have to keep resetting your stations every time you turn on your car is because someone connected both 12volt wire and Acc wire that's from the radio into the Acc wire in the car. There's no continuous positive current going to the radio when the car is off because the 12volt wire in the car was not used. I'm a professional MECP Certified Mobile Electronic Installer. Let me know if you are confused or have any more questions regarding your audio system.

Err code on Nissan Pulsar CD radio?

Switch the ignition to "accessories" or "acc" (turn the key 1 click in the ignition) with "err" displaying on the radio, leave the key in the ingnition for 1-3 hours. "err" should now be replaced with "code" allowing you to enter the correct code a and unlock the radio

How do you find the remote wire in the back of your CD player of a 98 Malibu?

Usually the remote wire is the blue wire. Although not all CD players have a remote wire. The easy way to find out if you're player has a remote wire is to go onto the manufacturer's website and check the spec's.

Does the ACC wire connect to the ground wire?

No it doesn't. The acc wire on your stereo is for accessory from your ignition switch. That's so you can turn your car key back and run your stereo without turning on the engine.

Which fuse is for the radio on the Echo 2000?

It is the ACC fuse

How do you install a scosche FM-mod02 FM modulator on a 2006 Chevy Cobalt?

Very simple to install if you are somewhat handy with splicing electrical wires. There is a Red wire that needs to be taped into the radio ACC power line and a black wire that needs to be grounded to the chassis. If you don't have a manual/wire diagram on hand... easy way to check which wire is the ACC is to (1) unplug the harnesses on the back of the factory radio, (2) ground the MOD02, (3) turn the vehicle key all the way to "off", (4) insert the MOD02 red wire into one wire of the harness at a time and turn the key to "on". Remember to turn the key to off again after you are done checking that specific wire to start over. The wire that makes the power switch on the MOD02 glow only when the key is turned is your ACC wire. You will need to splice into this. After this it's pretty much plug and play. Some vehicles (my Infiniti for example) require an antenna adaptor because they don't utilize the standard Motorola connection that the MOD02 needs as your radio antenna wire now plugs into the MOD02 and the MOD02 plugs into your radio. These are relatively inexpensive.