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play volleyball

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Q: What does a volleyball referee do?
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Related questions

Who assists the referee in volleyball?

The umpire assists the referee.

What person assists a referee at a volleyball game?

The 2nd referee assists the 1st referee.

How much does a college volleyball referee make?

NCAA Division I college volleyball referee's earned $200 per event. Most college volleyball reveries do not have an annual contract.

Who are the officers of the volleyball game?


Can anyone become a volleyball referee?

you have to play the game or get voted to be the referee. or just try out for it

Whose descision is final in volleyball?

The referee in Volleyball has the final say on out/in. They have 25 hand signals at the ready to make the most accurate decision when in a Volleyball game. There is the 1st Referee, 2nd Referee and the Linesmen which contribute to the decision whether it's in or out.

What is the signal for a dead ball in volleyball?

The referee's whistle.

Who should perform of the toss coins for the volleyball?

The referee.

Mesurement of the stand of refeery in volleyball?

it varies depending on the height of the referee. The referee must be about 1metre above the net.

What equipment is used for volleyball?

Volleyball net, volleyball, referee, knee pads, sneakers, shorts, air compresser (optional, it's to put the air in the volleyballs)

What is the officials of the volleyball game?

the person who officiates the game wihich is the referee

Is there referees in volleyball?

Yes. One referee. Two line judges.

What does a referee do after a volleyball match?

he does the same as other referees in other sports

What is the difference between umpire and referee for all games?

a umpire is in baseball and a referee is in other sports such as football (american), Soccer, volleyball etc..,

This person assists the referee in volleyball?

The umpire assists the referee. If you need two people( like I do... :D ), I don't know the second person.

Duties and responsibilities of volleyball referee?

run around the court and hit the ball

What does a match consist of in volleyball?

A vollyball, players, referee, vollyball net, and scoreboard

How many referee must in volleyball?

there are 2 refs and 2 line watchers

What are the qualities of a good officiating official volleyball?

referee,umpire,line judge,scorer

Who are the facilitators of the game volleyball?

umpire scorer referee

How long does a volleyball player have to serve the ball after the referee blows the whistle?

8 Seconds.

What does the term linesman mean in volleyball?

The linesmen are officials in Volleyball games. They stay on the edge on the court and assist the 1st referee on in/out calls.

What is the third referee in volleyball?

There are 4 reffs in volleyball in no order there is an up refa down ref and 2 line refs who stand on opposite corners

What is a chief official for a volleyball game?

A chief official for volleyball is a referee. There are also line judges that watch two of the outside boundaries for in sand out of bounds balls.

How many people are need to officiate a volleyball match?

There's a referee, who stands on the high platform. Then and umpire who stands on the ground across from the referee. And then two linesmen who call out or in.

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