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It means that a player can be sent down to the minor league without having to clear waivers.

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Q: What does a two way contract mean in nhl?
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What is a one way NHL contract?

A contract which pays the same regardless of whether the player is assigned to the NHL team or to the NHL team's minor league affiliates, as opposed to a "two way" contract which assigns different pay rates depending on whether the players is assigned to the NHL team or to the NHL team's minor league affiliates.

If the player is under NHL contract but playing ahl what do they make?

It depends on the type of contract they have. A two-way contract stipulates the amount the player would make playing in the NHL, and a different amount if they were playing in the AHL. So a player might make $525,000 in the NHL but only $65,000 if hes laying in the AHL. A one-way contract however only has a single salary. So no if he's making $545,000 in teh NHL and is sent to the AHL his salary would still be $525,000

If an NHL team puts a player on waivers and another team claims him how much of the contract is each team responsible for?

If a player is on a two way contract and is put on waivers, the team that takes him must pay all of it. If the player is on a 1 way contract and is sent down to the minors, he is on re-entry waivers. In this case both teams pay half of the contract.

How do you put a player on waivers on be a gm mode on nhl 14?

If they have a 2 way contract, send them down to the AHL

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