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Q: What does a toned body look like?
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What does the perfect female body look like?

The perfect female body is very subjective and very much about opinion. In general one might say the perfect body would be tall, slim and well toned with a large bust.

What does a 'muscle hunk' look like?

A muscle hunk is typically very large. A muscle hunk typically is a male who has a toned and buff upper and lower body because of their dedication to the gym.

How do you get a toned body?

Work out more!

How hard can a toned body get?

Work out more and it will not be hard!

Can you look Asian if your black?

Yeah you can, if your lighter skin toned black, olive like me. If your dark skinned black then no way

How do you be a good nude model?

You have to have a toned and fit body and good complexion

In SA2B when a two-toned chao evolves in an adult does it keeps it's two-toned color?

Yep. They look pretty cool too =P

What does lethal build mean As in describing someone's body build?

Easy Lethal = Killer (mostly) Build = Body Put both together and you get "killer body". You know, like a boxer or a wrestler or a lifeguard. Muscular and toned.

What is the correct way to get a perfect rock hard toned body?

Work out more!

Where can one find information about exercises to get a toned body?

Web MD has a very large resource of various tips and workout routines that will teach you how and what to do to get a toned body. Additionally, a fitness magazine will have a lot of good information as well.

What do girls like toned or built?

depends on the girl

What does well planned exercise do for your body?

your body becomes nice and fit & toned, plus it also does WONDERS for your skin!