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A tackle helps your team from the other team getting the ball. So if I tackled someone in football I am trying to help my team win.

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Q: What does a tackle do in football?
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Can you tackle in flag football?

If you tackle in flag football it is a penalty.

Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

What side of the football does a tackle?

The defense does the tackling, to prevent a touchdown by the offense.

What is a nickname for football?

Football,Tackle football,and Gridion

What is the difference in flag football and tackle football?

In flag football one pulls off the player with the ball's flag to tackle them. In tackle one physically tackles them.

What does TFL in football stats mean?

TFL in football stats stands for TFL - Tackle For Loss.

What is the difference between tackle and flag football?

in tackle football you tackle the other team in flag football you have to pull the other team members flags off of there belt

When can you tackle a punter in football?

You can tackle a punter in football when he still has the ball or else it is called roughing the punter.

What are the release dates for A Football Tackle - 1899?

A Football Tackle - 1899 was released on: USA: June 1899

What position does T stand for in football?

tackle. LT is left tackle and RT is right tackle

What constitutes an assisted tackle in football?

When 2 people make the tackle.

Can you tackle from behind in football?


Is tackle football dangerous?


What is a T in football?

An Offensive Tackle

Is a tackle eligible in youth football?

It depends on the league but usually sometimes they play flag football for a few years and then move up to tackle football

Can an offensive tackle run the football?

actually a offensive tackle are not really supposed to run the football not unless they recover a fumble

How is class flag football different from nfl?

There is no tackle in flag football

How do you use tackle in a sentence as a noun?

i.e- -> I watched football, players had to tackle to get the ball

What constitutes a solo tackle in football?

When one and only one person makes the tackle.

Positions of a Football Offensive Line?

Tackle, guard, Center, guard, tackle, tightend

What position is NT in football?

Nose Tackle

Who invented tackle football?

five thousand

In football what does DT stand for?

Defensive Tackle

What is the football position T?

T = tackle

Why did they band tackle football from school?

Tackle football might have been banned in some schools because it was too dangerous a sport for younger boys. It is also a possibility that tackle football was banned due to a loss of school funding.