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Small forwards are basically shooting guards that are too tall and slow to play the shooting guard position. Small forwards tend to be good shooters and in some cases great scorers. Every player is different. For instance, Peja Stojakovic played small forward and is one of the greatest three point shooters to play the game. John Salmons is also a small forward and is more of a scorer than a shooter. LeBron James, the second greatest Basketball player of all time, plays small forward and dominates as one of the most powerful guys in the league who is also a stunning scorer and can make any shot.

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  • Vary in mold. Taller than shooting guards but not as big as power forwards, these players are often very versatile, and can either shoot well from long range or get near the basket and get rebounds, etc.
  • Forwards are some of smallest players on the team. Usually plays around the wing or corner and usually drives along the baseline. Should be a solid rebounder. A good runner. A hard driver and a good passer.
  • Very much like shooting guard, usually starts lower on court.
Example of a small forward: LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Larry Bird
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Q: What does a small forward do in basketball?
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