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Q: What does a serial number on a bowling ball mean?
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Whats CG mean in bowling?

In bowling, CG stands for Center of Gravity and is the area of a bowling ball that is the heaviest.

What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?

the colored dot on a bowling ball is called the PIN. it is placed where the top of the core or weight block is.

Who might own a peace sign bowling ball?

Anyone that is interested in bowling and anyone that is a hippie might have a peace sign bowling ball. This does not mean that this person is a hippie, it just means that they -might- be.

My Thompson Center Hawken has a serial number K 1517, what does that mean?

It's a 54 caliber round ball

What do each number mean or how to read a serial number?

If you mean a serial number on some product, it depends on what the product is. Each company can makes serial numbers mean anything they want it too.

In bowling what does it mean when there is a circle around the number?

A circle around the number indicates a spilt.

What does topping a bowling ball mean?

If you rotate the ball while delivering it with your hand reaching about the 12 o'clock position, it's considered topping the ball. When delivering the ball, the hand should stay behind the ball and not in front.

What does a dash in bowling mean?

A dash is used in scoring to indicate no pins were knocked down.

What does full roller mean in bowling?

when someone releases the ball, on purpose, with no rotation or "hook". In reactive balls(made to hook) the coverstock and core "hook" the ball

What does bowled mean?

Bowling is called bowling because you have a bowling ball and the way that most people knock the pins over they bowl them over kind of like if you are in a busy shopping centre you might bowl over a little kid. that's my theory

What does x after the serial number mean on a Winchester model 94?

It means that it is a duplicate serial number

What does - mean in a game of bowling?

A dash mark is used to indicate an open for the game of bowling. As an example, in the first frame, the first ball knocked down 5 pins and the second ball did not knock any more over, the score would appear as a 5-