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Runs through the line of scrimmage (line of the players) or gets the football and runs outside the line of scrimmage.

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Q: What does a runningback do?
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Which dallas cowboy wore number 35?

Runningback Calvin Hill and Runningback Billy Joe Dupree

What is the shortest runningback can get?

about 5'5 to 5'8

Was mike bell a fullback before becoming a runningback for the saints?

Yes, Mike Bell was a fullback before becoming a runningback

Best runningback ever?

Walter Payton.

Who is the Carolina Panthers runningback?

Deangelo williams

What football players throws the football to the quarterback?


Who is the fastest runningback in the NFL?

chris Johnson by far.

Who is the best active runningback in the NFL?

LaDainian Tomlinson

Who is the best NFL runningback ever?

Walter Payton

Who is the Best runningback in NFL History?

Emmitt Smith

Who was the 1925 all-star runningback?

Edward Grange

Who is the best NFL runningback in the world?

Emmitt Smith

Who is the best runningback in the NFL?

Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson

What did emmitt Smith do?

he was a runningback who won the super bowl mvp.

What is the average size of a NFL runningback?

5'11'' is the average size.

Who is the fastest runningback ever?

Walter payton and barry sanders

Who was Rypien's runningback during his postseason run?

Ernest Byner

Who is the greatest runningback in NFL history?

Walter "sweetness" Payton

Who was runningback for St. Louis Rams in 2000?

Marshall Faulk.

Who was the runningback of the Dallas Cowboys 1986-1989?

Herschel Walker.

Who has the most yards of alltime runningback in the nfl?

Emmitt Smith with 18,355

Which NY Giants runningback NEVER wore 27?

Tyrone Wheatly

Who is the best NFL runningback?

Kindly refer to the link attached below.

Who is the best runningback of all time?

Emmit smith or Jim Brown

Who is the fastest nfl runningback?

That's an opinion. But mine is Mike Vick.