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On a Bowling ball, the red dot can be a weight. They put weights on bowling balls to throw a curve ball.

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Q: What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?
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What does the colour dot o a squash ball mean?

Blue= Progression ball Yellow= Tornament ball Red= Bouncy No dot= Progression ball

What is the weight of a red dot cue ball?

166 grams

What colours of squash ball are there?

blue ball: noobs. green/red ball: casual/amateur single yellow dot: pro double yellow dot: competition orange: ??

What is Best softball ball?

i like using worth balls like the red dot i like using worth balls like the red dot

Which dot ball is the fastest for squash?

a double dot when warm. unfortunantly the double dot takes longer to warm up that a single dot, unless you have a microwave red dot or blue dot are the bouncyest

What does the red dot mean on Indian woman heads?

the red dot on an Indian womans forhead means that the woman is married.....

What does a red dot mean in Japanese?

If you mean the dot on the flag, it represents a rising sun, which is why Japan is "The Land of the Rising Sun".

What does it mean when you get a coconut with a red dot and a black dot?

it means that u hate ur girlfriend

What does the red dot on the ordance servey map mean?

It can mean a place... not sure.

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it is a sign of there ansesters

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That the woman is married

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red dot.

What does the red dot on Buddha's forehead mean?

the red dot symbolizes the third eye, through which one can see the world most clearly

What does red light mean on Gmail?

The red dot beside the chat is the availability. It shows various types of moods of user. The red dot shows that the user is busy.

What does the red puffle do?

the red puffle likes to go bowling. I have one and i take it for walks its sometimes shots itself in a cannon and also sometimes pretends that he is a bowling ball and hits all the pins and this happens when you play with him.

What are symbols for the Japanese?

The red dot (ball) on a white background, represents the sun, and is the Japanese Army/National flag. The same red dot (ball) with red rays extending from the ball in all directions, is the Japanese Navy/Imperial Marines (Special Naval Landing Forces) flag. Both flags are still used today.

What are four forms of the game bowling?

There is tenpin bowling, duckpin bowling, fivepin bowling, ninepin bowling. Variations of tenpin include color pin, red head pin, 9 pin no tap, Monte Carlo, Even/Odds, Low ball, and best frame.

What does the black dot red dot mean standard upright or what on ping eye irons?

The color refers only to the lie of the club. Red dot is one degree flat, Black dot is standard. Blue dot is one degree upright. The lie of the club refers to how flat the bottom of the club is at impact. If the toe of the club is too much up in the air at impact, you would tend to hit the ball to the left. If the heel is too much in the air at impact, you would tend to hit the ball to the right.

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Cant tell u

What is the red dot on the dash of a 2004 dodge durango mean?


What does the red mean in Japan's flag?

The red dot on the flay represents the sun-god of japan!

Different colors of dots on a squash ball?

There are serveral different colours. A yellow dot is much slower then a blue dot. A double yellow dot is used in professional games. * yellow dot: Extra slow * white dot: Slow * Red dot: Medium * Blue dot: Fast

What is the green dot beside a moshi monsters user name mean?

well it is a red dot and it sepperates the name and houce

What does the dot on the Japan's flag mean?

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If you mean the sindoor on women's foreheads, no they are not. It is a washable, red powder.