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it basically lets the bike work at higher revs, for example on mine it gives it unlimited revs, so it wont stop at about 6000rpm like a normal bike but just keep going, it can be bad because if the revs get too high the engine may explode

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โˆ™ 2012-02-07 19:28:50
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Q: What does a racing cdi do?
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Racing cdi for shogun pro?


What does racing CDI give your motorcycle?

what is effect raicing cdi to yamaha vegaforce

What is the best racing CDI for Honda TMX 155?

There are some different racing CDI's available for the TMX but no data as to which is the best. To name one well known brand, the Moto-Casoli Racing CDI has been used on racing modified TMX 155 bikes in the Philppines.

Thumpstar wiring diagram?

can you wire a small magneto setup with a racing cdi

What is the best racing cdi for raider j?

rbr racing cdi mga ilan po nun yung plus nya sa top speed? rbr pu tlga yung #1 for the raider j? thanks po how many plus on the topspeed if you use rbr racing cdi for raider j? is it the #1 best for the raider j? thanks

What is the market cap for CDI Corporation CDI?

As of July 2014, the market cap for CDI Corporation (CDI) is $287,743,715.28.

What is the symbol for CDI Corporation in the NYSE?

The symbol for CDI Corporation in the NYSE is: CDI.

What is the purpose of rextor C.D.I. for suzuki raider r150?

Racing CDI is an upgrade to most underbone bikes. It is used to replace the stock cdi. The stock cdi is programmed to have an RPM (revs per Minute) limiter to prevent the rpm to go up so high that it may cause damage to your engine. Or so since the peak horse power of some underbone bikes are in the range of 9-10k RPM, the limter activates when the RPM soars above 10k. Racing CDI on the other hand is designed to remove the RPM limiter of most motorcycles. It has a built in adjuster to adjust the ignition timing of your motorcycle.

When was CDI Corporation created?

CDI Corporation was created in 1950.

What is CDI Corporation's population?

CDI Corporation's population is 10,000.

When was CDI College created?

CDI College was created in 1976.

How do you test the cdi unit on a suzuki vs 1400?

the only way to test a cdi is to repalce it. There is no other diagnostic for a cdi box

What is the abbreviation of CDI engine?

CDI unit (which is the abbreviation of the "Capacitor Discharge Igniter")

What is the best CDI for raider 150?

for me rextor the best for raider 150...

How do you know if a cdi box is bad?

first check your spark plug then test your ignition coil if these are good then it is probably the cdi but there is no way to test a cdi box.

Can a cdi leave you with no spark?

the cdi box is what give you the power to create that spark. yes it will

Where is the CDI box located on Yamaha big bear 350?

Where is the cdi box on a 89 Big bear

How does outboard motor cdi work?

The link I have provided below this answer will give you the best description of CDI.

What does service e mean on a Mercedes E270 cdi?

merc e 270 cdi service

Where is the fuel filter for a Mercedes w210 e220 CDI?

where is fuel filter located Mercedes e220 cdi.

Replacing cdi box with updated cdi box?

buy a manual and fix it. its easy, not rocket science

Where is the rev liminater on a 50cc scooter?

the rev limiter is built into the CDI, you can get a CDI without the limiter on ebay.

Where is the CDI box on a kawasaki prairie 360?

cat costa un cdi de kavasaki 360

What is the difference between CDi and Turbo engines?

CDi is an acronym for Common-rail Direct Injection, which describes a particular diesel injection technology. Nearly every diesel engine equipped with CDi will be turbocharged.

Is a Suzuki 97 GSX600F CDI box the same as a 96 GSX600F CDI box?

Yes, they are exactly the same.