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There are a few different types of point guards that play the game. However, all point guards should be able to bring the ball up the court, be the leader of the team, call out plays when needed, and be able to make assists. The different types of point guards range from Allen Iverson type guards who look for their shot more to Steve Nash type point guards who are pass first point guards to Jason Kidd type point guards who are the "do everything" point guard to the Magic Johnson point guards who are taller for their position.

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Q: What does a point guard do?
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Is derek rose a point guard or shooting guard?

point guard

Did Maurice Cheeks usually play as a shooting guard or a point guard?

He played point guard

Is a point guard known as a guard or a forward?


What is the difference between point guard and a shooting guard?

A point guard dribbles the ball up the court. A shooting guard doesn't.

What is the difference between a shooting guard and a point guard?

The point guard brings the ball up the court.

What number is a point guard?

A point guard is generally labeled as the "1."

Is point guard and shooting guard the same position?

no point guard gets the ball to other people on the team there is no such ting as a shooting guard!

What is a shooting guard's position on a basketball court?

THe shooting guard is often referred to as the "2" guard. Basically, the point guard is responsible for bring ball down and running the offense, penetrating and dishing to other players. The shooting guard is the other guard that will setup at the 3 point line for example and wait for the point guard to penetrate and draw his man, that way the point guard can dish to the shooting guard for the shot.

When people say guard do they refer to point guard or shooting guard?

Well, if they say 2 guard that means a shooting guard like Kobe, if they say guard it's like a point guard like Steve Nash.

Is Richard Hamilton a shooting guard or a point guard?

shooting guard

When you play basketball and your point guard can point guard come and play forward?


Who has the most 40 point games for a point guard?

Allen Iverson, with eleven 40 point games in his career, has the most for a point guard.

Was Michael Jordan a point guard player?

Yes, Michael Jordan was a point guard player.

Is there a point guard in basketball?

Yes, the point guard is the person that brings the ball up the court

Is Kobe Bryant a point guard?

He shooting guard.

Best position in basketball?

Probably Guard or Point Guard. Usually the point guard makes things happen. (An assist) That is where the point guard calls out a play, and the guard gets the ball passed to him/her, they either shoot it and make the play or pass it to the posts. Am i making sence?!

What is a guard and a point guard?

a point guard is the person with the ball handling skills and brings the ball up court and calls the plays. It is usually the leader. the point guard is best at passing and shooting. a guard is basically the same thing but it is the teams best shooter.

Are you a point guard?


What does Allen Iverson play?

Allen Iverson played shooting guard/ point guard when Eric snow left Allen played point guard

How fast you got to be a point guard?

you have to be really fast im really fast and im a point guard

What is a traditional point guard?

A point guard who has good passing skills, scoring abilities and court vision.

Who is the new York Knicks point guard?

i don't know who the new york knicks point guard is.

What function does a rear basketball guard do?

There is no such position as a "rear basketball guard." There is a point guard and a shooting guard only.

Did Michael Jordan play point guard?

no he was shooting guard

What does a guard do in basketball?

there are two types of guards in the NBA, a point and a shooting guard. the point guard is known for their quickness, dribbling and passing abilities where as a shooting guard is normally taller than the point in size and can knock down shoots from anywhere on the floor.