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Q: What does a player do after hitting a birdie in badmiton?
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What is the ball called in badmiton?

A birdie.

Other word for birdie in badmiton?


What are the lyrics to bye bye birdie?

Birdie Birdie, sitting on my shelf, Birdie Birdie, falling off my shelf, Birdie Birdie hitting the floor, Birdie Birdie is no more

What do you do while hitting the birdie in badminton?

Aim carefully and swing emphatically.

How is a badminton game scored?

A badminton game is scored by hitting the birdie to the other side of the net.

In golf what does hitting a ball into a hole one stroke over par mean?

a birdie

What is momentum in badminton?

To generate momentum when hitting a birdie or shuttlecock, you must snap your wrist at the apex of your swing.

When and where was baseball player Birdie Cree born?

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When and where did baseball player Birdie Tebbetts die?

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Which of these sports has a higher net?

I think it is badminton but that is just my point of view because I am a tennis player.