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You set up for spikes.

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Q: What does a passer do in volleyball?
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Is a digger and passer the same in volleyball?

yes it is

What are characteristics of a good volleyball passer?

To tell if your a good volleyball passer is if u are in the right position and u r ready for the ball and get the ball to the setter

Name three positions on a volleyball team?

Hitter Passer Setter

What position in volleyball for you?

In volleyball I am all around. I play every position. I never get taken out. I am a server, passer, setter, and a hitter.

A players heigh to play volleyball?

A player can be any height if you are tall you are mosy likely a hitter. if you are short, you would probably be a passer.

Do you have to be tall to play volleyball?

Nope! The only people that need to be tall are the hitters. A libero, passer, and setter don't need to be tall.

How can you be a libero in volleyball?

A libero is a defense specialist in volleyball and their main job is to pass the volleyballs and pick up hits in the back row. To be a libero, you would need to be defensive, and accurate passer and willing to dive for the ball.

What is the duration of Passer passer piger?

The duration of Passer passer piger is 1.38 hours.

What are the positions of players in Volleyball?

1. back right - server 2. front right - weakside hitter 3. middle front - middle blocker 4. front left - outside hitter 5. back left - passer 6. middle back - passer libero can be placed anywhere back row as a passer

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Passer passer piger was created on 1965-07-23.

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