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Play football Play football

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Q: What does a middle field player in soccer do?
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How do you say 'middle fielder' in Spanish for soccer?

A soccer "middle fielder" is called "jugador de media cancha" in Spanish. Literally translated means "player of the middle field". Another word used very often is "mediocampista".

When a soccer ball is headed from one player to player two across the soccer field what is the projectile?

soccer ball

How is a soccer game started?

A kick off on the middle of the soccer field.

Environment of a soccer player?

A football pitch or soccer field.

What positions are on the soccer field?

the positions on the soccer field is Goaly,Right defence,Middle defence,Left defence,Left midfield,Middle midfield,Right midfield, Right ford,Middle ford,Left ford.

When a soccer is headed from player 1 to player 2 across the soccer field what is the projectile?


Who runs more in a field a soccer player or a football player?

football players because they have a bigger field. But soccer players have a better ball because it is round.

What is the circle in the middle of the soccer field called?

The center circle.

How far can one kick a soccer ball?

Well, it depends on how good and how powerfull the soccer player is. A good amount of people can kick a soccer ball full field, some can kick it half field, it just depends on the player.

What is the name of the middle line of a soccer field?

half way line

Does sycamore middle school have a soccer field?

Yes it has 42 and a half

Is the middle line of a soccer field the mid or the half?

Halfway line

What is the accuracy of a female kicking a soccer ball from the end of the soccer field to about half field?

The accuracy of a female (or any other player) kicking a soccer ball from the end line to about midfield will vary. It will vary from kick to kick if the same player takes two consecutive kicks. It will vary from player to player. It will also be affected by the ball and the field conditions (and that includes weather).

How long is a middle school soccer field?

100 yds by 50 yards

Where are the post in a soccer game?

In the middle At the end of each field

What are some careers available in the field of sports particularly related to soccer?

what is the description of a profetional soccer player

How is pi and soccer related?

So soccer has the circle in the middle of the field. That is related to pi because it is a circle. That is how they are related!

How many player in soccer?

eleven on each team (in the field)

A soccer player sprinting down the field demonstrates which form of energy?


What are the dimensions of a middle school soccer field?

60 yds x 100 yds

What are the lines of a soccer field?

Well The Ones Right In Front Of The Soccer Goal First Is The Goalies Box , The Half Bubble Looking One After That Is Where The 3 Defensive Players Are Places And The Lines On The Corners Of The Field Is When The Player Stands When Kicking The Ball In . And The Bubble In The Middle Is Where The Players Stand When Doing A Kick Off And The Line Right After That Is Half Field .

What is a Libero in the sports field?

A Libero is a noun and in the sports field is directed to soccer and to volleyball. In soccer the word refers to a player called "The Sweeper" who protects the goal keeper. In Volleyball the word refers to the player who plays in the back row.

How many player are on each team in soccer?

there is 11 players out in the field but there is more for replacement. But mainly there is only 11 player that get to play out in nthe field.

What is a kickoff in soccer?

A kick off is what starts a soccer game. You put the ball in the middle of the field on the line. the ball must go over the line with the first touch. No one player can touch the ball twice during a kick off. You can then do whatever you want with the ball.

What is a substitution in soccer?

A substitution , is when a player that is on the field, switches with a player that is on the sidelines, so that players can all get to play.