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The mascot helps the cheerleaders energize the fans. The mascot is usually humorous and full of energy. Mascots always seem to have a rapport with children.

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Q: What does a mascot do during football games?
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What sports team has a mascot named Who Dey?

The sports team with the mascot name Who Dey is the National Football League team the Cincinnati Bengals. He entertains the fans during games at Paul Brown Stadium.

What is usc mascot?

If you mean University of Southern California they are the Trojans, and their specific mascot that is at football games is a random junior that dresses up as a Trojan and rides a white horse. If however you meant the University of South Carolina they are the Game Cocks, and their mascot for football games is cocky the game cock. hopefully this was helpful :)

What Miami football mascot?

Miami's mascot is Sebastian the Ibis

Who was the mascot of the commonwealth games?

Clyde was the mascot for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He is a thistle.

What is the 1982 commonwealth games mascot?

The 1982 Commonwealth Games mascot was Matilda the Kangaroo. She was the first mascot for an Australian Commonwealth Games.

Who was the mascot for the 1978 commonwealth games?

who was the first mascot for the commonwealth games

What is the mascot of ATM college football?

I think you mean Texas a&m which has ATM on their football helmets. Texas a&m's mascot is an aggie.

What is the mascot for Tampa bays football team?

The mascot for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a pirate.

Who is the mascot for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow?

The 2014 Commonwealth Games' mascot was Clyde.

Is it eagle football or eagles football?

Eagles football. The mascot would be the "eagles" therefore, eagles football.

Who is the best mascot in college football?


Who was first tiger mascot football?