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Whatever! Where a Mets shirt and borrow a Yankee Hat or something. Don't be afraid to say you're a Met fan!

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Q: What does a male teenage New York Mets fan wear to a New York Yankees game?
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Who won the game between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets on May 23 2010?

The New York Mets won the game 6-4.

What year was the first New York Yankees VS New York Mets game at Yankee Stadium?

In Interleague play, that was June 16, 1997. The Mets defeated the Yankees, 6-0.

What was the name of the yearly series the New York Yankees played with the New York Mets?

From 1963 to 1983, when the Yankees and Mets played each other it was known as the Mayor's Trophy Game. The Yankees led the series with a 10-8-1 record.

When was last time Yankees won championship game?

The Yankees last winning championship game was on October 26, 2000 against the New York Mets. The Yankees won in 5 games

What year did the New York Mets win one game of the regular season inter-league series from the New York Yankees?

The New York Mets won one game in interleague play against the New York Yankee during the 1997, 1998, 2009 and 2012 seasons. During the 2003 season, the Yankees swept every game.

Who is the first player to play for the Mets and Yankees?

Marv Throneberry.The New York Mets first season in MLB was 1962. Players on the team that season that had previously played for the Yankees were Marv Throneberry and Gene Woodling.Throneberry's first game with the Mets was May 11, 1962 and Woodling's first game with the Mets was June 17, 1962.

What was the final score of the Yankee game on June 14?

The New York Yankees beat the New York Mets 15-0 on June 14, 2009.

When was the first time the New York Mets played the New York Yankees?

The first time they played each other was an exhibition game (called the Mayor's Trophy game) played June 20, 1963 (Mets 6 Yankees 2 at Yankee Stadium).Their first meeting in regular season interleague play was June 16, 1997, with the Mets beating the Yankees 6-0 at Yankeee Stadium.Their first meeting in the World Series came October 21, 2000, with the Yankees beating the Mets 4-3 in 12 innings at Yankee Stadium.

A sentence for triumph?

the mets triumph the yankees in their latest game.

Who was the winning pitcher in the last game of the 2000 World Series?

The New York Yankees defeated the New York Mets, 4 games to 1, to win the 2000 World Series. The winning pitcher in Game 5 was Yankees reliever Mike Stanton.

Who won the 2000 World Series?

The New York Yankees defeated the New York Mets 4 games to 1. Click on the '2000 World Series' link on this page to see a game by game breakdown.

What were the final scores for each game in the 2000 World Series?

2000 Subway Series ScoresThe 2000 World Series featured the New York Yankees beating the New York Mets 4 games to 1. Game 1 played on October 21, at Yankees Stadium was won by the Yankees 4-3. Game 2 played on October 22, at Yankees Stadium, the Yankees won 6-5. Game 3 was played at Shea Stadium on October 24, and was won by the Mets 4-2. Game 4 played at Shea Stadium on October 25, was won by the Yankees 3-2, and in Game 5 played at Shea Stadium on October 26 the New York Yankees won their 26th World Series title 4-2.

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