What does a gymnast do?

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A gymnast does your mom and your dad

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Q: What does a gymnast do?
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Do you have to be a gymnast to be a gymnastics coach?

you do not have to be a gymnast/former gymnast but you have to have a lot of knowledge about the sport. Coaching would be easier if you were a gymnast/former gymnast because you as the coach can relate to how your gymnast is improving and maybe make suggestions. For example 'When I did that skill.........'

How do you spell gymnast?

That is the correct spelling of "gymnast."

What do you call a person that does gymnastics?

hi everyone, A human that does gymnastics is called a gymnast.

Was Logan Henderson a gymnast?

Yes, he had a background as a gymnast.

What is the plural of gymnast?

The plural form of gymnast is gymnasts.

How many elite gymnast are in china?

about 500 gymnast

What rhymes with gymnast?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word gymnast.

How do you use gymnast in a sentence?

See the gymnast soar through the air. A gymnast is someone who preforms gymnastics.

Is Emily kmetko a real gymnast?

no she is not a real gymnast she was a dancer.

When was The Gymnast created?

The Gymnast was created on 1994-11-03.

How do you become an elite gymnast?

Becoming an elite gymnast is usually the result of being a competitive gymnast for several years. It takes a lot of practice. As an elite gymnast, you are the best. You sacrifice all other things in your life for practicing gymnastics. It is not something you can just wake up and say, "I want to be an elite gymnast". You first have to be a gymnast, then a competitive gymnast, then an elite. Usually the elite gymnasts do not choose to be an elite gymnast, but the coaches choose them to be an elite.

Is Josie Loren really a gymnast?

She was a gymnast, but was only good at floor.

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