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Q: What does a gold medal given at graduation mean?
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What does it mean to be given a Medal of Honor?

If a person is given a medal of honor, that is an expression of appreciation for a heroic act that this person has performed.

What does the gold medal mean?

It means you come in first for your event.

What is the US gold medal of honor?

There is NO US gold Medal. Perhaps you mean the Congressional Gold Medal? If so, this is awarded by the US Congress to a person (or persons) who have done something extraordinary that has been of some benefit in some way to the US and its' people.

What does the Olympics 2012 medals mean?

it mean that the gold medal stand for the 1st player and silver medal stand for 2 nd bronze stand for 3rd player

Ice hockey gold medal winner 2002?

When you say "gold medal", I assume you mean the IIHF World Championships. If, so, the winner was Slovakia, the one and only time this nation has won.

What does 3 g per t gold mean?

It could mean - 3 grams of Gold per ton of ore - 3 goal hat trick Gold Medal [ in Ice Hockey ]

What does posthumously mean?

After someone has died. A soldier who dies during a mission can be given a medal posthumously.

Who was the first female to win gold?

If you mean the Olympics, Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain won the women's singles tennis gold medal in 1900

What does it mean to get an award poshumosly?

You were given the award after your death. i.e. the Navy SEAL that earned the Medal of Honor but was killed in the act. He was awarded the Medal of Honor Posthumously.

Which country won the gold medal in soccer at the 1960 Summer Olympics?

do you mean who one the most medals in the Olympics 2004? if u do then i think it was Athens/Greece

What was the first prize awarded in the first Olympics?

If you mean what is the prize awarded for coming first in the Olympic games, this would be the gold medal. The medals awarded in each event are: Gold - first Silver - second Bronze - third In the ancient Olympics, winners were awarded a branch of wild olive. Sometimes the government would allow an Olympic champion to live in a special building that was only for distinguished citizens. Other winners would be exempt from paying taxes for winning an event in the ancient Olympics.

What does the gold cord mean at high school graduation?

in my school it means you participated in National Honor Society.