What does a flanker in Rugby do?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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A flanker is a position in the forwards that binds on to the 2nd row in a scrum and when the oppent 8 trys picking the ball up from the scrum and trys to run it is 90% of the time the flankers job to makme sure he doesn't go any further

main job though aot of others e.g rucking, malling, tackling, passing, ect

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he has to get to the first five befor he passes the ball so you are cuting down the running pase

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Q: What does a flanker in Rugby do?
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When was Kingsley Jones - Welsh rugby union flanker - born?

Kingsley Jones - Welsh rugby union flanker - was born on 1969-06-19.

Who is the best flanker in rugby union?

Richie McCaw

Who was the french captain for rugby?

Thierry Dusautoir, Flanker.

In the old rugby numbering system what number did the openside flanker wear in rugby union?

number 7

Who is the Captain of french the rugby team?

Thierry Dusautoir - Position: Flanker

Was Dr James Naismith a rugby coach?

yes he was a rugby coach he played for the title waves in 1951 as a flanker

What is a blindside flanker?

A blindside flanker is a forward in the game of rugby union, usually assigned the number 6, who binds to the scrum on the side closest to the side line.

What position is Richie mccaw in rugby?

Hes an open side flanker number 7

What poisition does Riche Mc'caw play in Rugby?

Hes and open side flanker (no 7)

Which New Zealand born brothers played rugby union for Scotland?

John Leslie (centre) and Martin Leslie (flanker).

How much players is in a rugby league team?

In the league code there are 13 player. The positions of the wing forward (flanker) has been removed from the game

What is the name of the openside flanker in the allblacks?

I take it you dont watch rugby much... Richie Mckaw, consistently ranked best flank in the world