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a chariot is transportation in ancient Rome but is also used in gladiator fights and other sports in the coliseums

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Q: What does a chariot have to do with Rome?
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What was the chariot racing stadium in rome called?

The chariot racing track in Rome was the Circus Maximus.

What does a chariot look like hu?

it is a chariot in racing in rome ages ago

What does Rome do for entertainment?

Well, they had chariot races.

What are the rules for chariot racing in Rome?

There are no rules.

The name an amphitheatre of ancient rome used for chariot races now converted to a public park?

The chariot racing track in Rome was the Circus Maximus.

Who invented the chariot in ancient Greece?

well in Greece they didn't have chariot races some books might say that but archeology shows that only Rome had chariot races. but in Rome did not actually make chariot racing The Hyksos invented it in1800 - 1550 B.C

Which races featured carriges pulled by horses in ancient rome?

The chariot races were a popular sport in ancient Rome. A chariot was a small carriage that was pulled by horses and driven by a charioteer.

What is rome what is Rome's national sport?

romes national sport is chariot raching and gladiator battles

Did you have to be rich to join chariot races in ancient rome?

The charioteers were slaves, hired professionals or family members of the owner of the chariot.

Chariot racing how long were races?

A chariot race in ancient Rome normally lasted for seven laps.

What is a roman chariot with two horses called?

The biga (Latin, plural bigae) is the two-horse chariot as used in ancient Rome for sport, transportation, and ceremonies.