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they defend their own goal to prevent the other team from scoring.

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Q: What does a central defender do?
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What are the 11 positions of a socer team?

goalkeeper right wing defender left wing defender right central defender left central defender right wing midfelder left wing midfelder right central forward left cetral forward

What are the different positions in a soccer team?

for a regular 4-3-3 system, Goalkeeper Right Defender Central Defender (2x) Left Defender Right Central Midfielder Central Midfielder Left Central Midfielder Right Attacker Striker Left Attacker

What is another name for Centre Back in soccer?

Central defender. Types of central defenders include stopper, cover, limited and ball-player.

Who is jt?

John Terry. England and Chelsea central defender. Unsuprisingly this nickname comes from his initials.

Is Shakira still with Antonio De La Rua?

no,he is now dating with gerrad pique Barcelona central defender.

Leeds united players who played for Brazil?

I can only think of one, and that's the central defender Roque Junior.

Who are on arsenal fc summer 2009 wish list?

- Yaya Toure, defensive midfielder, who now plays for Barcelona - Thomas Hitzlsperger, a central midfielder, current captain of FC Stuttgart - Mamadou Sakho, central defender, Paris Saint-Germain, vice-captain of France's U21 team - Brede Hangeland, central defender, vice-captain of Fulham FC

What was terrys high level of achievement in?

Terrys high level of achievement is that he has scored 31 goals so far the highest by a central defender.

What does a card with defender do in Magic the Gathering?

The ability "Defender" is actually a disability, a creature with defender cannot attack. Creatures with Defender often have "Wall" as their type.

What is the Aramaic word for defender?

defender = מגן (magén)

How do you be a defender in aq?

You have to verify either Dragonlord , Starlord or Guardian to get defender when you verify one of the 3 you can get Defender

Who is John Aaron Terry?

John Aron Terry is a footballer from England, he was Engands captain , and plays his club football for Chelsea. he is the central defender for England

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