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a Basketball looks like a ball thats usually brown and has lines on it :D

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โˆ™ 2015-09-23 03:04:54
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Q: What does a basketball look like?
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What does the future look like for basketball?


Pimples on basketball?

Yes, in fact the bumps on a basketball do look like pimples!

What did the first basketball ever used look like?

The first basketball wasent an auctual basketball it was a soccer ball.

What was the size of the basketball court during 1891?

How did the basketball courts look like once they were invented?

What does the March Madness flag look like?

i think it has a basketball on it.

When shooting a basketball should your follow through look like your hand?


Name some things that look like a sphere?

basketball, soccer ball are some things that look like a sphere.

How do you know if a basketball has latex?

If your the surface of your hands starts to look like the bumps on the basketball, and start to itch uncontrollably, chances are it is a latex basketball. If you wheeze every time you play basketball, chances are it is a latex basketball. Of course, this is only if you have an allergy like I do. I have never encountered a basketball that did not have latex.

What do basketball cards look like?

They will have the players picture on the front and stats on the back.

Are they making a NCAA basketball 11?

Does not look like it from EA sports website

What did people playing basketball look like in the 1890s?

it looked like a bunch of white guys that suck at basketball trying to look like they know what they were doing and they really wanted micheal jordan to be born so he could play for their team

Who like basketball?

Me like basketball

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