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Q: What does a D stand for on a golf club wedge?
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What does the d in a Cleveland d wedge stand for?

The "D" is for Dual. It's a dual wedge w/ a 50 degree between pitching wedge and sand wedge.

What does the letter D mean on a golf club?


What is a d golf club used for?

A D golf club is the largest club in golf, it is used for drives to start par 4's and 5's. The D stands for driver. It is generally about 460cc. The D basically only used off the tee, because without the use of the tee, the ball is too low on the club, and this will result in inproper ball trajectory.

What does a d wedge stand for?

Dual. It is the same as a gap or approach wedge, just different branding. Cleveland is the only company that uses a D i believe. It is between 51 and 53 degrees of loft and can be used from both sand and grass, hence, "Dual."

What is a wedge shaped polygon called?

A polygon is 2-d. A wedge is 3-d. So the question does not make much sense.

What sport equipment starts with d?

Duck decoys are used in hunting. The discus is used in track and field. Drivers are a golf club.

What sports equipment begins with the letter D?

Duck calls and duck decoys are hunting equipment. Drivers are a club used in golf.

What are silent letters on the word wedge?

d is silent

What game does D and D stand for?

What game does "D&D" stand for

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Where is golf area D in wii sports resort island fly over?

There is no GOLF AREA D

What has the author Ralph D Maltby written?

Ralph D. Maltby has written: 'Golf club repair in pictures' -- subject(s): Golf clubs (Sporting goods), Maintenance and repair, Pictorial works 'The Maltby Playability Factor; Book One MPF Irons'

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