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Never change the channel on another man's T.V.

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Q: What does Tom Brady say in the Xfinity commercial?
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Who is smarter Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady?

Tom Brady went to Michigan. Aaron Rodgers went to Cal. I consider Michigan to be a better school. So I'd say Tom Brady.

Is Tom Brady as cocky as people say?

he had very bad temper as a child Source: I have met him and he has told me

Who is better Tom Brady or Drew Brees or Mark Sanchez?

Well definally not Sanchez but I would say Bress considering how well he's played this year but Brady is close.

What made the patriots special?

if your talkng 'bout football, some would say tom brady, but personally i think he can be immature.

How do you say Brady in Spanish?

Me llamo Brady Mi nombre es Brady

Whose better Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

matter of opion i would say Peyton casue im a colts fan and hate the patriots

How do you say brady in Samoan language?

Brady = buleiti

How many 5 star athelites are playing in the NFL?

well, i would say Tom Brady Peyton Manning Drew Brees Randy Moss Brett Favre Brady Quinn Josh Cribbs Mohammed Massaquoi and that's about it.

Who is the best American football player now?

That is hard to say because of the different positions they play For quarterback which is the leader of the team I would say Tom Brady of rhe new England patriots

Why is Tom Brady not playing in the 2010 pro bowl?

since the third preseason game (against washington) brady has had an unspecified number of broken ribs (he wont say, he just said that it was not three), and since the game against the broncos, a broken finger.

Is David Ortiz more popular than Tom Brady in Boston?

David Ortis is way more popular then Tom Brady even though Brady is more talented.The reason Ortis is more popular is because Boston is a baseball city and it's on every day while football is on only on once a week. Also David Ortis is the best clutch hitter in the MLB and has a great smile. Ortis is the face of power-aid too while Brady only had a visa add last year. Tom Brady has problems off the field too. He just had a baby with his ex-girlfriend and now has a new girlfriend. After all I said it's a lot closer then you think because Tom Brady led the Pats to three chapionships and Ortis only one. But I'd still say Ortis by a long shot. I hope you liked my blog.

What college did Tom Brady graduate from?

Michigan and he went there and was back up for four years then drafted by the Pats. He got his time to shine when Bledso got hurt and he went in and did great. To this day he his great but just last year he tore his ACL and didnt get to play for the pats for the whole year. Maybe not even this year. (Matt Cassel filled in for him while he was hurt. He came out and did a great job. They did decent that year but didnt make the playoffs. Matt was more of a Micheal Vick runner than a tom brady cannon arm.)My opinon on Tom is that he is a great quarterback and has a good personality. Some people say hes a jerk but i say not. I cant wait til hes back. Did you know that he was recently married to the super model gazzell. She was feeding him food on the front cover of the globe. He also had a man purse.