What does Tango Golf mean?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: What does Tango Golf mean?
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Is Tango India a naval code?

"Tango India" is international phonetic alphabet for the letters "T I". For example, "tiger" would be spelled out "Tango India Golf Echo Romeo."

What does mike tango tango mean?

Thanks much!

What does yo tango mean in English?

Yo tango = I dance the tango Yo tengo = I have

What does mira mi foto en tango mean in English?

Look at my tango pic.

What does como tango mean?

It's a musical rhythm from argentina.. if you want you can search "tango" in youtube.

What does Tango mean in modern warfare 2?

Tango means enemy. So if someone says "tango down", that means they just killed an enemy.

What does tango and claves mean?

tangos are terrorists.

What is thermal decompsition?

tango tango tango tango tango tango tango tango

In the army what does tango mean?

The international phonetic alphabet used by the military uses Tango to represent the letter T.

What does yo tango harmabae mean in spanish?

I have hunger.

What does pero les falta la conexion del tango argentino mean in spanish?

But they lack the connection to the Argentine tango.

What does whiskey tango foxtrot mean?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is an acronym for "What The F**k" using military letter code.