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Q: What does Sharon novak bassey do for a living?
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Where is Shirley Bassey oldest daughter Sharon?

Sharon Bassey died in 1984. Her body was found floating in a river. It was ruled a suicide. It was said she jumped off a bridge. However, there was no water found in her lungs, and she had no broken bones. Shirley Bassey stated that she always felt there was foul play involved.

Is shirley bassey married now?

Bassey's first marriage was to Kenneth Hume (1961--65) and ended in divorce. In September 1965 Bassey announced her intention to remarry Hume, but less than a year later revealed that this would not take place. Her second husband was Sergio Novak. Bassey and Novak were married from 1968 until they divorced in 1977; Novak served as Bassey's manager throughout this time. Bassey had two daughters and, with Novak, adopted her grandnephew. Bassey has never revealed the identity of the father of her daughters. In 1985 Bassey's second daughter, Samantha, was found dead in the River_Avon_(Bristol) in Bristol,_England. Bassey has always maintained that the death of her daughter was not a suicide.She currently resides in Monte_Carlo.

Does Shirley bassey have sisters and brothers?

Yes. Shirley Bassey has three children:Daughter, Sharon, born in 1954 when Bassey was just 17 years old.Daughter, Samantha, born in 1963 but died under mysterious circumstances in 1985.Son, Mark, born in 1966. Mark was adopted by Bassey and her second husband Sergio Novak. Mark is acutally Bassey's grandnephew, being the son of her niece.

Was Sharon novak a real disappearance?

She was attacked by an unkown sea creature it could a prehistoric creatre

When was Bassey Ekpo Bassey born?

Bassey Ekpo Bassey was born in 1949.

How old is Shirley Bassey?

Dame Shirley Bassey was born in Tiger Bay, aka Butetown (Cardiff, Wales) in the United Kingdom. She is known to be one of the most influential people of her generation for her works of philanthropy.

What is the birth name of Jennifer Bassey?

Jennifer Bassey's birth name is Joan Bassey.

What country is Shirley bassey from?

Shirley bassey is from Wales.

When was Hogan Bassey born?

Hogan Bassey was born in 1932.

When did Hogan Bassey die?

Hogan Bassey died in 1998.

How tall is Shirley Bassey?

Shirley Bassey is 5' 3".

What actors and actresses appeared in Shirley - 2011?

The cast of Shirley - 2011 includes: Amira Arish as Shirley Bassey (Aged 9) Di Botcher as Mrs. Morrison Issiah Cai Forest as Henry Bassey Jnr Babou Ceesay as Henry Bassey Divine Faith Utonga as Sharon Bassey Georgina Fox as Showgirl Alex Grills as Pilot Joe Hurst as Tony Jack Llewellyn as Policeman Colin Mace as Agent Matthew Marsh as Jack Hylton Ruth Negga as Shirley Bassey Victoria Pugh as Neighbour Savannah Reed as Margaret Jonathan Rhodes as Compere Danny Sapani as Bobo Lesley Sharp as Eliza Bassey Jeany Spark as Juhni Sullivan Geraint Todd as Chauffeur John Imani Williams as Grace Larissa Wilson as Iris Bassey