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SV means save.

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Q: What does SV mean in baseball stats?
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What does SV mean in the Nissan Rogue model number?

what does SV mean in the Nissan Roque

What does sv mean?

Synchronicity Verification

What does sv stand for in automobiles?

superveloce. If you mean the lamborghini.

What does BSRN mean in baseball stats?

No such category in baseball.

What does the medical abbreviation sv bradycardia mean?

SV bradycardia means supraventricular bradycardia - a slow heart rate generated by sinus node.

Warhammer 40k what do these stats mean WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv and what do they do?

WS - Weapon Skill BS - Ballistic Skill S - Strength T - Toughness W - Wounds I - Initiative A - Attacks LD - Leadership Sv - Save

When was .sv created?

.sv was created in 1994.

What does SV stand for in baseball?

SV stands for save. If a closer pitches the final inning with his/her team in the lead and does not let the other team win, s/he earns a save.

What does club mean in baseball stats?


What does SHO mean in baseball stats?


What does AB mean in baseball stats?

at bats

What does SHO mean baseball stats?


What does Sv stand for in warhammer 40k?

It should mean armor save such as 3+

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