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Strike Outs

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Q: What does SO stand for in hitting stats in baseball?
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Is there an major league baseball switch hitting rule?

Batters in MLB are allowed to bat from either side of the plate. They are also allowed to switch sides during an at bat as long as they do so before the pitcher has taken his stance on the pitching rubber.

Who invented the rules of baseball?

Abner Doubleday invented baseball so I imagine he invented the first rules. I know through the years they have changed as baseball has evolved, so it would be a combination of people now.

How do you hit a baseball?

You have to have someone pitch (throw) the baseball to a hitter who has a wooden or aluminum baseball bat. The battle keeps his eye on the ball and swings the bat at the ball. If you want to know how to hit a baseball and hit it well, you can start out by making sure you have a good stance. stand next to the plate facing it giving yourself about 5-8 inches or so distance from the plate (distance varies on the batter, bat he or she is using, etc.) with your feet spread evenly apart at shoulder-width. Make sure to bend your knees and stay in an athletic position (more or your toes than flat footed). Hold the bat with your hands together at the bottom of the bat with your back hand over your top hand so that your knuckles are lined up. Cock the bat back behind your head with your hands about 5 inches behind your ears and tilit it back so it looks like a sliding board. Look at the pitcher. Make sure most of your wait is on your back leg. when the ball comes step twards the pitcher a little bit with your front foot (maybe 2 inches) And swing the bat around while you pivot your hips to face the pitcher and bring your wait from your back leg forward. This is where all your power comes from, not so much your arms but the rest of your body. When you pivot your hips you are also going to be pivoting on your back foot as if squishing a bug. When you swing you are basicaly throwing your hands out at the ball hard and then FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH YOUR SWING. Make sure you have a nice even cut when you swing the bat and not an upper cut (swinging up with the bat) because if you upper cut at the ball it will not go as far because you are hitting the bottom of the ball and this causes it to rotate forwards as it flys through the air so it will spin into the dirt. Hitting the top of the ball gives it backspin so it soars up into the air. And there you have it, how to hit a baseball. (I hope i didn't leave anything out.)

How has the construction of the baseball changed since the game of baseball was first invented?

Click on the 'History of the Baseball' link on this page. It gives a really good answer and history of the baseball.Baseball has changed in so many ways. In 1845 it used to be more different then baseball played today.

Why were the Saxons unlucky in the battle if Hastings?

They were unlucky because they had bad diareah and pooped lots and lots so they couldn't stand the smell and it was very dirty so they got disease and stuggled to fight.

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What does SO stand for in baseball stats?


What does SO stand for in soccer stats?

sent off

Is tennis harder than baseball?

i wouldn't say so. i have played softball for most of my life and tennis takes hitting the ball over a fence but softball and baseball require hitting the ball, ptching, and fielding.

What is a baseball tee?

It is a stand which is used to support a stationary baseball, so the player can hit it.

Is basketball easier than baseball If so how is it easier than baseball?

basketball is not easier than baseball. when hitting in baseball, you have to determine what pitch is coming to you, then you have to swing, then you have to make contact on the exact right part of the bat for the ball to travel. this is extremely difficult to do. clearly, hitting a baseball is the hardest thing to do in all of sports. therefore, basketball is not as hard as baseball.

What does ALT stand for in baseball?

alternate so the people alternate positions from the field

In baseball what does SO stand for?

shut out Its a Strikeout SO - Strikeout, SHO - Shutout K - Strikeout, SO - Shut out

Why do they use baseball?

So people can have fun swinging a bat and hitting a ball and running around bases. I love baseball and if I get a chance to go to a game I usually go to it.

What is carlos beltrans stats?

In the 2011 season so far, Beltran is hitting .289 with 15 home runs and 66 RBI. All time, he is hitting .282 with 295 home runs and 1,128 RBI.

Why are the Red Sox so amazing?

The Red Sox, overall, are the best team in baseball. They have amazing hitting, chemistry, and a lights out pitching staff.

Why would a tennis ball go farther than the baseball hitting it with a baseball bat?

The tennis ball is hollow and made mostly of rubber, so it can rebound off the bat. The baseball has a rubber core, surrounded by cork and leather, so there is less of a rebound.

Why do they change balls so often in baseball?

If the baseball has Knicks Orr cuts from hitting the ground or the bat bat it could give an advantage to the pitcher as far what he can do with the ball. Like movement on the fastball

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