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SA = Shots Against

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Q: What does SA stand for in hockey goalie stats?
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What is sa in hockey?

Goalie wise, shots against.

In math what does SA stand for?

surface area

What does abbreviation SA stand for?

after midday

What is SA stand for?

Sturm Abteilung

What does SA in surface finish SA 2.5 stand for?

The SA mentioned here refers to Surface Area, or how much surface the substance will cover

What do the initials SA stand for in biology?

Sinoatrial node

What does sa stand for in Spanish?

Sociedad Anónima = Corporation

What does the abbreviation sa stand for texting?

Smart Ass.

What does the V08 on a SA Penny stand for?

Garth Brooks

What Does SA stand for during 1934?

Storm troopers

What does sa stand for in brown shirts of the sa?

Sterm Abteilung or Stormtroopers but that's just the english way of saying it

What is the abbreviation SA?

The abbreviation "SA" could stand for many things. One could be the city in Texas- San Antonio. That would be the most popular "SA" that comes to mind, but there are definitely many more. (edit) SA may also stand for the nazi extreemist paramilitary that preceded the SS, the SA were taken over by the SS in a conflict in Germany known as the "night of the long knives".

What does '9 P in SA' stand for?

9 plants in south Africa

Browning 12 ga sporter elite sa Where is it made and what does sa stand for?

SA stands for small arms. It is made in Japan,and sold in Europe. Their citori. SA stands for small arms. It is made in Japan,and sold in Europe. Their citori.

Does the sa at the beginning of samba and salsa stand for south America?

no its just a coincidence

What does the term stand for mean?

ambot sa kandeng naga naay bangs

What does SA behind a company stand for?

SA behind a company stands for anonymous society or societe anonym in French. This designates corporations employing civil laws.

What does SA de CV stand for in Mexico?

Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variada.

What does SA stand for in world war 2?

SA is the abbreviation for the paramilitary organization known to the world as the infamous "Brown Shirts": Sturmabteilung(storm troopers) .

What is AMA in physics stand for?

ama is ama ang tatay mong bumubuhay sa iyo

What does SA stand for after bibi fatima name?

salam ullah Alaiha - s.a.

Is it possible to surrender on gta sa as?

yes just stand still and don't do anything and they will arest you and it is done

What does the acronym SA ARC stand for?

SAARC stands for... South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

Bones help you bend and stand up?

ewan qoeh..........................tanong moeh sa bwan sa2gutin ka ng araw

What did SA stand for in Germany?

== == Historically, SA stood for "Sturmabteilung" which referred to the stormtroopers or brownshirts, the Nazi Party's paramilitary wing, which in 1931-1933 (and again later) beat up opponents of the Nazis in the streets. Originally, the SS was a section of the SA but became fully autonomous in 1934. Since 1945 the abbreviation has been avoided in Germany in non-historical contexts.