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Q: What does R RA G stand for in sneaky sequences?
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What has the author G H De Visme written?

G H. De Visme has written: 'Binary sequences'

What does the g in gabby g stand for?

which is g stand for cage, get,page,hedge

Asexually reproducing organisms pass on hereditary information as?

Sequences of A, T, C, and G

How do asexually reproducing organisms pass on hereditary information?

sequences of a t c&g

How do you say macaroni in Armenian?

Well this is really funny, macaroni in Armenian (western specially) is called: YER--GA--RA--KH--MO--RA--G--LO--RA--DZAG.

What does G stand for in G hannelious?

The G stands for Genevieve.

What does g stand for as g hannelius?

the g stands for Geineveve

What does the G in Becky G stand for?


What is the G stand for in G Hanneluis?


What does the G stand for in G Hannelius?


What are base sequences in RNA called?

romance never ends

How does DNA replication occur simply?

DNA molecule is like a twisted ladder. The horizontal bars are made up of A-T, T-A, G-C,C-G. (A for Adenine, T for Thiamine, G for guanine and C for Cytosine.) So if we brake the ladder longitudinally, we have sequences of A, T, G, C, and corresponding sequences of T,A,C,G on other half. So we can easily make two copies.