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RP stands for Relief Pitcher.

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Q: What does RP stand for in fantasy baseball?
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Fantasy baseball how many starting or RP should you have?

It is good if you have 4-5.

What does RP stand for?

Rp= Role playing

Why does rp stand for on Instagram?


What does gs stand for in ESPN fantasy baseball?

Games Started

What does the letter 'u' stand for in fantasy baseball?

It stands for unavailable. But this can vary between what website you are using to play fantasy baseball. For Example: Yahoo Fantasy Baseball does not have a code for the letter "u".

What does RP stand for in video games?

Role-play, is what RP stands for in video games.

When rating games what does RP mean?

RP stand for Rating Pending.

What does RP stand for the rating?

Rating Pending.

What does rp stand for on ps3?

Rating Pending

What are the flowers for in fantasy life for Warcraft 3?

They are just for decoration and rp not much

Wha does RP stand for in Smackdown vs Raw?

I'm afraid RP isn't a term in SVR.

What does rp on a video game stand for?

rating pending

What does the qualification Cert RP stand for?

Certified Recruitment Practioner

What does the Shepherd's notation Rp stand for?

I have no idea who "Shepard" is but one of the meanings of the initials "RP" when they are attached to a name, is "Registered Pharmacist."

What is an rp in baseball?

It is an abberviation for relief pitcher

Where can you make a fantasy baseball team? and have fantasy baseball

What is the best stand-alone Final Fantasy Title?

Final Fantasy VI

What does Rated RP stand for in a video game?

RP stands for "Rating Pending," which means that the game has been submitted to the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), and is waiting for the final rating. RP only shows during advertising prior to the release of a game.

What is more popular fantasy basketball or baseball?

fantasy basketball is more popular because it is alot easier to follow than fantasy baseball

What does sus stand for in fantasy football?

It means suspended

What does DP stand for in Fantasy Football?

Defensive Player

How old do you have to be to have a free fantasy baseball team?

There is no age limit. Most Fantasy Baseball leagues ARE free.

What does ap stand for in Final Fantasy 7?

Ability points.

In marapets rp what can you buy with rp?

you can buy stuff on trades with rp and in elekas castle it can be spent there

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