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Reached on Error

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Q: What does ROE mean in softball stats?
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What does 'r' mean in softball stats?

"R" in softball stats stands for runs

What does AB mean in softball stats?


What does PO mean in softball stats?

put out

What does E mean in softball stats?


What does era mean in softball stats?

earned runs average

What does HBP mean in softball hitting stats?

Hit by pitch

What does LOB mean in softball batting stats?

Left on base.

What does G mean in softball batting stats?

G is games.

What does np mean in softball pitching stats?

Number of pitches

What does F percent mean in softball stats mean?

It means the % of fouls there are in a game

What does c mean in softball stats?

C by its self doesn't mean anything.

What does FA mean in softball stats?

There is no standard stat with the abbreviation of FA.

What does pit mean in softball stats?

PIT is pitches thrown or pitch count.

What does the baseball statistic ROE mean?

ROE Reached On Error

What does SB stand for in softball stats?

SB means stolen bases in softball and baseball stats.

What does a run mean in softball?

In softball a run is when you score.

What is ab in softball pitching stats?

an at bat

What does A stand for in softball fielding stats?


What does R mean in softball stats?

"R" is for runs scored which means the number of times a player crosses home plate.

What does ROE stand for in softball?

Reached on error - basically means that the runner got on base due to a fielding error and not by a safely hit ball.

What is the fancy name for fish eggs?

In general fish eggs are called roe, but do you mean caviar the roe of sturgeons

What does destini mean in Te roe?

im stubborn

How do softball pitch?

underhand? what do you mean?

What does ko mean in softball?

knocked out

What does out mean in softball?

youre out from hitting