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Q: What does QL mean in JMAX QL golf clubs?
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What does hemoglobin ur ql large mean?

Hemoglobin is blood,Ur is urine,ql is Quantity,Large amount of blood in your urine.

When was Sinclair QL created?

Sinclair QL was created on 1984-01-12.

What does Borderline Hep B Surface AB QL mean?

Hepatitis b surface ab(antibody) ql (qualitative) reactive is the prior exposure of hepatitis b. This exposure could be a natural exposure or that of a vaccine.

What is better amd turion x2 rm-75 or amd athlon x2 ql-62?

In this case, the 75. But if you find a Athlon x2 QL-65, that is faster.

Can window envolopes be sold by the bulk and are the available if a company needs them by the bulk?

I would have to go with the Brother QL and TD Series, which costs as low as $349.95 for the QL, and as high as $449.95 for the TD. There is however the PT-9700PC which will cost you $399.95.

Inventions in the 1980's?

The Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum and QL personal computers.

Headlamp bulb size for a 2000 mercury sable?

9007 QL 9007 (LL optional)

Can you use the Brother QL-570 with a roll of paper to make receipts?

you can if you change the censors position.

What has the author QL Pearce written?

Q.L Pearce has written: 'Stargazer's' 'The Man in the Iron Mask'

What's better about samsung ql pc's ?

The Samsung QL PC is well-liked among users. The primary reasons are its lightweight design, great sound, built-in keyboard and large hard drive. Most user complain its biggest drawback is the short battery life.

Which is better Intel celeron 900 joules or amd athlon x2 ql-65?

amd athlon slightle

Where is national highway in Vietnam?

During the war, they were called QL or Highway or Route. Examples: Hwy 1 ran north and south; QL 9 (aka Rt 9) ran from Dong Ha through Camp Carrol, Khe Sanh, Rockpile all the way into Laos...past Camp Carroll it was primarily a dirt road. Hwy 19 (aka Rt 19, aka QL 19) ran east and west from Ahn Khe up over the Mang Yang Pass into Pleiku (Central Highlands).